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Angel Wings from Woodstock Rustic

I've been wanting to paint some angel wings for a long time now. Ideas kept popping up in my head, but I couldn't decide on the design or size or where I wanted to use them, etc. So the project sat quietly in the back of my mind. But finally the inspiration came! Thought I'd share the end result..

I painted the wings in ivory and beige over a metallic gold distressed background. The saying underneath (on the separate board) says "Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen"... excellent words to live by I think!

The paintings can be hung either vertically or horizontally. I can't decide which way I like the best!

No, that's not an extra fluffy's Frankie the cat! Her favorite spot for a leisurely cat nap!

I added the wood slats above and below for an "art installation" effect of sorts.

The wings served as Piper's inspiration for her angel biscuits! "Something wonderful" happened for sure!

Hope you enjoyed! See you next time!


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