Hello from Jess and Joe Massey!  Welcome to Woodstock Rustic. We opened in 2014 in a garage “studio” amid lawn movers, trash cans, and the occasional car! We started the venture as a part-time pastime, both as a creative outlet outside of our “corporate” graphic design careers and a way to have some fun! And fun we’ve had! Woodstock Rustic is now our FULL TIME career, and we have a new expanded home studio on three acres and a five person crew—all family members! Whew! Exciting times for sure! 

2018-2019 brings even more exciting changes with Woodstock Rustic, LLC! We now offer farmhouse finds from both local and world markets to compliment the custom art we make at Woodstock Rustic!  


Browse, enjoy, get inspired! 


Check out our Press page to see some of our work in action!