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Bell Chimes

Our bell chimes make a meaningful and lasting gift for any occasion!


CARE: The chimes require minimal care and should last for years to come. If using outside, we recommend placing your chime in a covered area such as a porch or overhang, although they can be hung outside uncoveredThe jute roping will withstand most weather conditions but will deteriorate a little faster if exposed directly to the elements.  If yours has wood beads, they are not sealed and therefore will change color as they're exposed to air, rain, and sunlight. 

FUNCTION: Our bell chimes are meant to be both decorative and symbolic. As the tag that comes on the chime says, "May the jingling of the bell be a reminder of the love that surrounds you."  The bell is part of the design and will ring when moved but typically won't ring often on its own.  To hear the bell ring frequently, try hanging it on a door so that it rings each time the door is opened. 

Below are some ideas for how to display your chime.  We'd love to see how you are using yours! Send us a photo!

cardinal-windchime-mantel-beautiful-soul - Copy_edited.jpg
20230524_144025 (2).jpeg

"I hope when you see this little hummingbird you are reminded how much we love you and appreciate you! Thanks for all that you do!

                 Susan T. 

"I received one of these as a gift when my father passed.

I hung it on my door and now he 'speaks' to me every time I come or go." 

                 Elaine S. 

"I thought this would be a nice addition to your new screened porch, and a  reminder of your sister

and how much she loved butterflies." 

                 John R. 

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