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Well, we're finally taking the big plunge! We're starting a blog! With our company's four year anniversary just around the corner, it seemed like a good time to share a little about us and our journey so far. We are Jessica and Joe Massey of Woodstock Rustic, our home decor store specializing in modern farmhouse style. And through our blog, we'll be sharing what "modern farmhouse" style means to us!

First, a little background...The business really got started by accident, then again maybe there's no such thing as an accident! Hum, I'll have to think about that one! Anyway, as a creative diversion from my corporate graphic design career, I started making rustic art in the farmhouse style that I love for my own home. I then got my nerve up and ventured out to some local art shows, and lo and behold, the business took off! With Joe officially coming on board a year ago, we are now a solid five person crew, designing and hand making many of the products we sell.

Oh my how time flies when you're having fun, or so the saying goes!

Since we just had our first professional photo shoot for Woodstock Rustic, I thought I'd share the process and the end results....what a crazy fun exhausting experience it was! Although we take most of the photos for our products ourselves -- and those photo shoots take A LOT of time and energy! -- it's really hard to get pictures of ourselves! Enter Joanne Kent of Teakwood Photography! She did a brilliant job as you can see! Enjoy!

Getting ready for the photo shoot! Whew, lots of time spent going up and down the ladder!

A photo shoot of the photo shoot, compliments of our daughter Piper! The photographer Joanne Kent, of Teakwood Photography, hard at work!

Did I say a five person crew or six? Piper, our daughter, is our sixth member for sure! A budding artist extraordinaire!

Our office/studio never looks this clean! I'm enjoying it while it lasts!

The whole crew...we're busy dreaming up new ideas!

See you next time!


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