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We are featured in HGTV Magazine!

OH MY GOSH! We are SO excited and honored to be featured in the HGTV Magazine November 2017 issue, and on page three, no less! One of our rustic numbers was chosen to be part of the "Come On In - Front Door of the Month" collection! This came as a BIG surprise to us after one of the magazine editors purchased the number anonymously. She then contacted us to let us know that our number 3 was going to be included in an article! Needless to say, we have been on pins and needles waiting for the issue to come out, and the time has finally arrived! I highly recommend checking out the magazine for yourself, but here's a sneak peek of our little bit of fame! :-)

And, here are a couple pictures of the featured product -- our rustic numbers. They are great for addresses. Note: If using them outside, we recommend placing them in a covered area.

rustic wood address numbers

Choose 1-4 numbers...

You also have the choice of 18 colors for the background and font...

They also look good hung in a single row vertically, for a really large-scale display!

They are also fun for gallery wall displays. Commemorate the number of people in your family, your lucky number, your birthday, or just a favorite number or series of numbers. The possibilities are endless!

Finally, since we are talking numbers here, we also have several other options and sizes...let your imagination run wild!

Thanks for sharing in our excitement! And a BIG thanks to HGTV Magazine!

Coming soon...our holiday gift guide! Stay tuned!

J + J

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