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How to Create a Farmhouse Gallery Wall

With the holidays fast approaching, the time is ripe for sprucing up your home decor. If you are anything like me, I tend to put off new decorating projects until I know company is coming! This might be why we are seeing an increase in sales of our Woodstock Rustic gallery wall sets right now. And, we are receiving more e-mails with questions about creating farmhouse style gallery wall displays. So, I thought it was a good time to chime in with my own two cents on the subject!

To begin, they can be hard...really hard! If done wrong, they can look odd. If done right, they can be the focal point of a room and an expression of your personality. We always suggest starting with three things -- a theme, a color scheme, and anchor piece of art - the central starting place for your collection. For example, the grouping below uses Gather as the anchor piece -- and the theme -- and a color scheme of ivory, black and grey. We used some galvanized metal pieces in addition to the wood art to add variation and interest.

farmhouse gallery wall

The state art is a fun way to incorporate a personal touch in your art and a subtle nod to where you're "gathering." The blackboard provides a place to add your own custom message for each 'gathering" you host -- your menu for the event, a personalized welcome note or just a fun quote related to your party!

We always like to include some sort of greenery in our groupings as well. This is especially true when using a neutral color scheme. The plants are a great way to add some color. We used galvanized metal wall buckets with mini faux eucalyptus bushes for this set. You can change up the greenery depending on the season and event!

Another way to add a touch of greenery is with a wreath. We like to use something above the anchor piece -- such as a wreath or the windmill or a tobacco basket, etc. -- to help cap the grouping, This mini gallery set shows a simple faux bay leaf wreath with a hanging set of wall buckets below the "anchor" piece of the Bless the food typography art. You can also use colorful napkins in the buckets for a different touch of color.

This Family typography sign is the perfect anchor for a grouping of picture frames as the additional elements. Again, we've used a touch of greenery to frame the set and have tied in the galvanized and rusty metal accents with the windmill and frames. You could surround the sign with lots of family pictures for a larger display.

You can also create a farmhouse gallery wall using just a few larger pieces and a central theme of color, as shown in the example below.

Sets can be symmetrical -- using pairs of things and similar sized pieces -- or more "random," although there should be a method to the madness, so to speak! The set below shows an example of a more random grouping that still has an organized feel. The spacing and french blue and grey colors help tie things together.

A word of caution! One of the most common mistakes made is spacing things too far apart. No matter the design, we recommend trying to keep spacing between pieces around two to three inches. If you have a large space to fill, it's better to add more pieces rather than trying to space out a few pieces to fill the wall. Even if your budget doesn't allow for filling an entire wall all at once, you can start with a central grouping and then plan to build on it as your budget permits.

That's it for now! Go get inspired and create your own gallery wall for the holidays!

See you next time,


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