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The Challenge of Gift Giving

Let's face it, gift giving is hard!  It's a challenge to come up with meaningful ideas that resonate with someone's individuality. Personalized gifts are one of the best ways to express your thoughtfulness and understanding of the person's  uniqueness. Our line of personalized art is the perfect solution for any occasion...birthdays, retirements, baptism/new babies, and even sympathy gifts.  Here are a few ideas...


Let your friend know how much she means to you with these personalized art pieces. You can also provide a personal message for the inside of the gift card and have us send it directly to your friend!

she has fire in her soul - personalized birthday gift for her

We'll be friends until we're old - birthday gift for her


Personalized art provides a wonderful lasting memory for your coworker. What a great what to commemorate someone's contribution and dedication!

personalized retirement gift

personalized retirement gift


Who wouldn't like a touching reminder of a birth or baptism with these personalized art pieces...

Personalized baptism gift - painting

Every good and perfect child - personalized baby gift

Personalized baptism gift Child of God - painting


These personalized art pieces are lasting memorials. Instead of sending flowers that last a few days these last a lifetime.

Sunflower sympathy gift - a beautiful soul never forgotten

Sailing sympathy gift - personalized painting

Religious Christian sympathy painting


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