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Christmas 2019, Massey style!

It's that time of year again and we couldn't be more excited! As mentioned in a previous post, we decorated one of the homes in the Woodstock junior women's club annual tour of homes and it was SO much fun (photos coming soon)! We met so many great people! After the show, we brought home loads of Christmas decor, and lots of Christmas spirit too, so I decided to decorate my own home a little early this year. Here are the results...along with a couple new paintings...yes, I got inspired! The tree paintings on the fireplace mantel are my newest creations. And, I made the 3D paper snowflakes for the show house.

We did two trees this year...this one is in the great room with a combination of handmade wooden ornaments, flowers and balls. The antiqued door was salvaged from a house being renovated. It makes the perfect backdrop for our Merry and Joy signs!

Below is our second tree in the sunroom. This one features the family ornaments we've collected over the years....a bit of nostalgia! We hung some paper snowflakes from the ceiling for a winter wonderland feeling, and the advent calendar is ready and waiting for December 1 to arrive to begin the big countdown to Christmas!

Speaking of nostalgia, these three stockings were made 60 years ago for Joe's grandparents (Joe and Mary) and baby Leona (Joe's mother)! They're a cherished family keepsake!

Carrying on family ties, my china shelves are filled with a Christmas village passed on to me from my aunt Joan.

The ivory plates are from a collection my mother started a few years ago. She picks up "finds" -- a couple plates in various patterns -- and then mixes them. As for table decor, we used wrapping paper for table runners at the holiday tour home and decided to do the same here. You can coordinate your packages with the table if you'd like and then just throw it all away when you're done.

I like to spread little touches around the house just for fun...for example, these Christmas signs.

A little coffee table fun, too...this snowflake lazy susan with Santa keeping guard!

The perfect place to display holiday cards!

And finally, a good Christmas motto to share....

Here's to having a wonderful holiday season!


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